Battalion & Company Leadership

Battalion Commander: C/LTC Alexander Szymanowski
Battalion XO: C/MAJ Alexus Lane
Battalion CSM: C/CSM Derek West

Alpha Company Commander: C/CPT Jamie Zirnheld
Email: jamiezirnheld16@gmail.com
Cell: 757-237-0440
Alpha Company XO: C/1LT Robert Rodriguez
Alpha Company 1SG: C/1SG Shane Dymond

Bravo Company Commander: C/CPT Barbosa
Email: Sbarb02@jaguar.tamu.edu
Cell: 210-896-9429
Bravo Company XO: C/1LT Furedi
Bravo Company 1SG: C/1SG Flores

Charlie Company Commander: C/CPT Jack Rust
Email: jfrust.tx@gmail.com
Cell: 832-628-3132
Charlie Company XO: C/1LT Lekita Singleton
Charlie Company 1SG: C/1SG Talisa Calhoun


S1-Personnel S2-Intelligence S3-Operations

OIC: C/CPT Alex Torres
Email: alex.l.torres@aol.com
Cell: 210-317-3497
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Barb Fretto
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Patrick King
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Janee Gomez

OIC: C/CPT Aliyah Lane
Email: rzw105@my.utsa.edu
Cell: 254-702-6209
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Leoncio Longoria
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Nick Fretto

OIC: C/CPT Joshua Rebel
AsS3 SGM: C/SGM Mariela Valenzuela
Asst. OIC: C/CPT Diego Cano
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Kenneth Okorafor (CUOPS)
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Alex Ellison (FLUOPS)
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Victoria Rivera
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Daniela Medina
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Dylan Villa

S4-Logistics S5-Volunteer/Community Outreach S6-Signal

OIC: C/CPT Humberto Ruiz
Email: ruizhummer413@aol.com
Cell: 210-288-2514
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Brendan Murray
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Khalid Alabaidi
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Tanya Romo
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Alex Font

OIC: C/CPT Sara Anderson
Email: sannmarieanderson@gmail.com
Cell: 315-783-4462
Treasurer: C/1LT Makayla McLaney
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Jonathan Gordon
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Matthew Bartlett

OIC: C/CPT Sabrina Lalani
Email: sabrina.lalani12@gmail.com
Cell: 210-663-2314
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Jonah Barrera
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Luis Aparicio
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Jia Lin
Asst. OIC: C/1LT Greg Rowen

Duties & Responsibilities

Battalion Commander (C/LTC) – Supervises, provides guidance, and direction for the Roadrunner Battalion XO, Company Commanders, and Battalion CSM in ensuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated and executed efficiently; Responsible for Mentorship Program; Link between Professor of Military Science and Cadet Battalion

Battalion Executive Officer (C/MAJ) – Second in command; assumes command and commander responsibilities in the Cadet Battalion Commander’s absence; Responsible for the cadet battalion staff officers, oversight of Training Meetings, to include note taking with due-out summarization; Supervises Roadrunner Budget Committee (responsible to cadet fund allocation); Ensures all training sites/venues are reserved; Works with C/S3 to ensure proper training oversight

Battalion Command Sergeant Major (C/CSM) – Principal advisor to the commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of cadets within the battalion; Oversees company C/1SGs, Physical Training Plans, UTSA Army ROTC Color Guard; Link between Senior Military Instructor and Cadet Battalion

S1 (C/CPT) – Principal staff officer for all matters concerning human resources including personnel readiness, personnel awards, and headquarters management; creates and maintains Roadrunner Battalion Matrix, updates rosters with cadet contact information

S2 (C/CPT) – Supervises battalion physical security; Provides terrain analysis, light and weather data and threat information for battalion planning; Creates storyboards of all battalion functions; Oversees the cadet recruiting efforts (ROO Team)

S3 (C/MAJ) – Plans, organizes and supervises the conduct of all cadet training; largely responsible for maintenance of training meeting slides; updates Cadet Portal with training products (OPORDs, CONOPs, etc), oversees Evaluation Cards (Blue Cards)

S4 (C/CPT) – Responsible for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation and services for the Battalion; works with cadre S4 to ensure proper accountability of West Campus supply room.

S5 (C/CPT) – Responsible for enhancing the relationship between military forces and civilian authorities; In control of all Battalion fundraising, volunteer events and activities; Responsible for tracking all cadet volunteer hours; Lead of UTSA Army ROTC Alumni Association

S6 (C/CPT) – Responsible for photo/video support for all Battalion events (PAO); all social media (i.e Facebook, Instagram, Flickr), UTSA ARMY ROTC website; ensures communication (radios, callsigns, speaker) during all training events

Company Commander (C/CPT)

  • Responsible for all company level activities
  • Supervises, provides guidance to and directs the company staff, platoon leaders and Company First Sergeant in ensuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated and executed efficiently
  • Sets the standard and direction of the company
  • Builds an effective company chain of command and develops a positive command climate
  • Develops company level training plans and continually assesses training progress, paying particular attention to Physical Training, Labs, and CST
  • Responsible for developing company commander’s intent aligned with the intent of the cadet battalion commander and PMS; communicates intent and empowers subordinates to act appropriately to accomplish the mission
  • Insures cadet compliance with policies and procedures of the program
  • Creates suspense time/dates to accomplish company level missions and enforce standards
  • Disseminates information from the cadet battalion chain of command
  • Oversees counseling of cadets in all areas to include, but not limited to leadership evaluations, absences, and duty performance; maintains records of all counseling
  • Ensures MSIV support cadets are utilized in counseling activities

Company Executive Officer (XO) (C/1LT)

  • Second in command; assumes command and commander responsibilities in the Cadet Company Commander’s absence
  • Serves as the Chief of Staff; supervises and coordinates the efforts of the company staff in planning, coordination, and execution of company events
  • Free the company commander from routine details and passes pertinent data, information, and insight from the company staff to the commander and from the company commander to the staff
  • Ensures company staff suspense are met and remains knowledgeable of the current status of staff and MSIV support actions
  • Responsible for the safety and risk assessment of all company events
  • Ensures all leadership evaluations and rotations are completed and turned into company commander
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by the company commander

Company First Sergeant (C/1SG)

  • Principal advisor to the commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of cadets within the company
  • Advises the Company Commander on planning, coordinating and supervising activities of the company
  • Creates Physical Training plan and ensures it is posted to prospective bulletin boards in battalion area of operations
  • Ensures proper communication channels and dissemination of information to all cadets in company
  • Accounts for personnel during all company level activities and events
  • Conducts company formations; responsible for training and execution of drill and ceremony at company level
  • Responsible for the appearance of cadets, equipment, and facilities with guidance from C/CSM.
  • Responsible for the readiness and implementation of any company level hip-pocket training
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by the company commander