MAJ James Benson

MAJ James Benson, Assistant Professor

Major James B. Benson joined the UTSA Army ROTC Program as an Assistant Professor of Military Science (APMS) in May of 2014.  He serves as the primary instructor for all third-year (MS-III) Cadets and is responsible for preparing them for success at Advanced Camp, a 29-day course designed to train Army ROTC Cadets to Army standards, to develop their leadership skills, and to evaluate their officer potential.

Experience:  He comes to the ROTC Program with 15+ years of Active Duty experience as an Army Infantry Officer and prior enlisted service as a Navy Intelligence Specialist.  He has served as the Commander of Charlie Company and Headquarters Company of 1st Battalion, 141st Infantry Regiment.  He most recently served as the Chief of Current Operations for the 72nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team.  He is a graduate of Arizona State University where he majored in Anthropology.

Interests:  Mentoring and training Cadets and watching them grow and develop into competent Junior Officers is one of the most rewarding things that I can imagine.  I spend almost all of my spare time with my family, but I also enjoy running, hiking, camping, fishing, and shooting.|210- 458-5607| GSR 1.220.A.1